Extreme price changes on PixelModels

Hey new customers and old customers
As you may have already noticed, all prices have been changed to 1$ - 1.50$.
This has a few reasons, but first I would like to inform you that only the newest packs are affected.

Why is it so cheap now?
Look at the world situation, no one has money.
In addition, one or the other will definitely be happy that he can now build his server cheaper!

Will this put you at a financial disadvantage?
I've never made big profits with the packs, and I don't plan to at the moment either, the small prices were more of a problem for me, since paypal observed small requests and wanted a confirmation for each individual purchase, I no longer have that through tebex , and makes many things easier.

I bought a pack that is now much cheaper, can I get my money back?
None of the packs were bought, if they were I started a refund if it was in the last 14 days, just check the account you paid with.

Will you stop making packs?
Nope, I will continue as before, only with the difference that you can get everything pretty cheaply, I no longer go with the idea of ​​making many packs, but what I feel like doing, if a really good one comes up I will still sell a little more expensive but should be a matter of course.

Will the quality suffer?

Do you still make commissions?
8$ per Model without Animation. With Animation 10$ (only texture) 
Custom ESC 20$ for my time
Everything else is negotiated in a conversation.

U dont earn the rights on my models, if u want the rights u need to pay me 100% on Top of the price.

Are the commissions cheaper too?
Nope, I don't want my things to end up in resale.

When will everyone's configs be ready
We wrote a program for it, thanks to Lovec Unfortunately we are still missing the ItemsAdder part (Just Spam @NekrosBurek#8783 so that he finish it hehe), but as soon as that is finished oraxen and itemsadder configurations will be published at the same time.

That's all, soldiers stay strong.


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